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Hormones Saliva Test (Special Product)

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Hormones Saliva Test

Hormonal Imbalance = Serious Health Problems

Hormones are like fingerprints, unique to each person, and in order to achieve optimal health, people must be aware of their specific imbalances in order to get the most effective treatment plan for them.

What do we need from you? A simple and easy saliva sample!

Who Should Be Tested?

Everyone! Even if you have no health issues, you should get a baseline of your hormone levels for any future comparisons.


  • Anyone with symptoms involving fatigue, insomnia, stress, immunity problems, blood sugar problems, and weight gain, should be tested
  • Men and women concerned with changing hormone levels as a result of age
  • Those wishing to monitor their hormone levels following replacement therapy (oral, sublingual or topical), and subsequently regulate their supplement levels.

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